2017 160 Nguyêt 900 USD financed in August 2017


Nguyệt is a 37-year-old married woman who lives with her two children in Thanh Hoá, Vietnam. She is also an entrepreneur who has been running a furniture manufacturing business for more than 10 years. Nguyệt’s family is considered as a low-income household in the village. The main struggle that Nguyệt faces is a lack of capital for her business. She is requesting for a loan to purchase more wood for the furniture production. Nguyệt is aiming to become more independent, buy some land for her own and hoping that her family will stay healthy and happy.


2017 159 Musilm300 USD financed in August 2017


Muslim is a hardworking lady who supports her family and relatives by running her business in Eldoret, Kenya. She is a shopkeeper who delights in giving service to people in her community. She serves the community with all their food needs as her shop is a one-stop-shop. It is located at a great location where she makes lots of sales every day. To grow her business, Muslim is requesting a loan to buy foodstuffs and cooking oil. All her profit will be for paying back the loan and allow her to expand her business. Her dream is to grow her business and be stable financially.


2017 158 Jenny Vi500 USD financed in August 2017


Jenny-Vi is a single woman who has been running a general store business in the Lapu-Lapu, Cebu, Philippines for the last 5 years. She is going to use the loan to expand her business which will help her secure the future of her family.


2017 156 Dominga275 USD financed in August 2017


Odel is a 29-year-old single mother of two from Paynesville North, Liberia. She is a business woman who sells water and prepares cooked food for her community. She has been running this business for four years and she considers herself as a very hardworking businesswoman. Odel learned how to sell by herself and also started her business with her own money. In order to increase sales, she has applied for a loan which will help her purchase cold water and ingredients that will be used to prepare cooked food to sell to her customers. Odel is very proud of her business because it helps her take care of her family. She likes her business because sales are fast with lots of profit. In the future, she hopes to run an international business and give her children a quality education.


2017 156 Dominga

500 USD financed in August 2017

Dominga is 46 years old, married, has three children and lives in Jiquilisco, El Salvador. Her husband works in agriculture. For six years Dominga has been selling pupusas on buses. She learned the trade through the need to help her husband with the sustenance for her family. She started the business at her house and later decided to get on the buses to sell. She starts preparing her goods for the sale at 5 am and at 11 am she heads home. She will use the financing to buy more corn, pork, cheese, oil, condiments, etc. to produce and sell pupusas. Dominga dreams about having her own restaurant.


2017 155 Susana

350 USD financed in July 2017

Susana is a 27 year old woman who opened her own general store in 2014. She lives with her spouse and her three year old son in Barranquilla. Her business is located in her house. She grew up helping her parents with their business and later on she has decided to start her own. At first, she only sold candies, and later she expanded her inventory. Now her neighbors are her main customers and so that they can find everything in the same place, she is applying for a loan. With it, she will buy grocery items: rice, vegetables, oil, canned goods, cleaning products and more. asbl
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