Naomi Wangechi

2017 164 Naomi Wangechi400 USD financed in September 2017


Naomi is a happily married woman and mother of two who is running her grocery store in Nyeri, Kenya. Since she is a very welcoming and social woman who easily makes friends, Naomi easily gets new customers. She will use the loan to replenish supplies in order to grow her business. This will help her increase the family income and guarantee a quality education for her children.


2017 163 Mona875 USD financed in September 2017


Mona is a businesswoman from Hashmi, Jordan. She is running her beauty business from home and dreams about opening a salon in the future. This would help her increase her income, support the family and expand her business.

Floridalma Emilia

2017 162 Floridalma Emilia450 USD financed in September 2017


Floridalma Emilia is a 21 years old mother of two living in La Esperanza, Intibuca, Honduras. She has been running her business for the last 3 years. Floridalma Emilia sells groceries such as corn, beans, sorghum, milk, juice, soft drinks, snacks, vegetables, meat. She is requesting for a loan to increase her products inventory. This will help her to satisfy the demand and increase her income. Floridalma's goal is to maintain her business and to have a better quality of life for her family.

Estefany Paola

2017 161 Estefany Paola425 USD financed in September 2017


Estefany Paola is a businesswoman from Soledad, Colombia. She is running a personal products store which has been very successful so far. Estefany believes that the support is essential to continue growing her business and herself as a businesswoman personally. She is requesting for the loan to buy more products to resell such as colognes, perfumes, deodorants, shampoos, body creams, scented powders, shirts, and sweaters.


2017 160 Nguyêt 900 USD financed in August 2017


Nguyệt is a 37-year-old married woman who lives with her two children in Thanh Hoá, Vietnam. She is also an entrepreneur who has been running a furniture manufacturing business for more than 10 years. Nguyệt’s family is considered as a low-income household in the village. The main struggle that Nguyệt faces is a lack of capital for her business. She is requesting for a loan to purchase more wood for the furniture production. Nguyệt is aiming to become more independent, buy some land for her own and hoping that her family will stay healthy and happy.


2017 159 Musilm300 USD financed in August 2017


Muslim is a hardworking lady who supports her family and relatives by running her business in Eldoret, Kenya. She is a shopkeeper who delights in giving service to people in her community. She serves the community with all their food needs as her shop is a one-stop-shop. It is located at a great location where she makes lots of sales every day. To grow her business, Muslim is requesting a loan to buy foodstuffs and cooking oil. All her profit will be for paying back the loan and allow her to expand her business. Her dream is to grow her business and be stable financially. asbl
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