Jenny Marisol

2019 186 Jenny Marisol600 USD financed


Jenny Marisol is a 19 years old mother of two living in Gotera, El Salvador. She is not only taking care and providing for her family, attending school but also running her own business which sells tortillas. She has learned this job from her mother and been running the business for the last 2 years. Jenny is requesting a $600 loan to purchase corn and a stove for the production and sale of tortillas. She dreams of expanding her business and continuing with her education.


2019 185 Sarah550 USD financed


Sarah is a 40 years old single mother of four who lives in Jinja, Uganda. She has been running her second-hand store to put food on the table as well as pay for the kids' education. Sarah has requested for $550 loan to fill her store with more second-hand clothing items which she will resell to increase her income.

Yohana Auxiliadora

2019 184 Yoana725 USD financed


Yohana is a 42 years old mother of four who lives in Granada, Nicaragua. Her friends and clients describe her as a hard-working person who is passionate and dedicated to her sewing business which helps her to provide to her family.Yohana is asking for a $725 loan to purchase more fabric, needles, zippers, buttons and other thing needed for her business to expand. Thanks to the new investment she will be able to make school uniforms for her customers.


2019 183 Ashakuratu425 USD financed


Ashakuratu is a 23-year-old, single hardworking mother of one living in Tandika-Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She is a clothing seller, selling African fabric known as Vitenge. She has been running this business for two years, working from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. This is her third loan request. Ashakuratu used her previous loans to buy more Vitenge to sell. She is applying for this 425 USD loan to purchase a large stock of fabrics such as Vitenge, Khanga and Vikoy for her business to grow. Ashakuratu dreams of opening a big clothing shop someday.


2019 182 Tina125 USD financed


Tina is a 36 years old woman who is married and lives in Tokoin, Togo. She sells second-hand bags which she gets from the market three times a month. Tina resells bags by travelling around the surrounding neighbourhoods. She is requesting for a $125 loan to buy new bags to resell in order to keep her business running.

Carmen Janet

2019 181 Carmen750 USD financed


Carmen Janet is a 35 years old mother of two living in Cajamarca, Peru. She is well known for her own business. Carmen has been producing bread and selling it to her customers for the last 5 years. At the moment, her business has a need of $750 which would be invested in the bread production. Thanks to this loan Carmen will be able to increase her income and support herself and her family. asbl

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