2019 182 Tina125 USD financed in January 2019


Tina is a 36 years old business woman who is married and lives in Tokoin, Togo. She sells second-hand bags which she gets from the market three times a month. Tina resells bags by travelling around the surrounding neighbourhoods. She is requesting for a $125 loan to buy new bags to resell in order to keep her business running.

Carmen Janet

2019 181 Carmen750 USD financed in January 2019


Carmen Janet is a 35 years old mother of two living in Cajamarca, Peru. She is well known for her own business. Carmen has been producing bread and selling it to her customers for the last 5 years. At the moment, her business has a need of $750 which would be invested in the bread production. Thanks to this loan Carmen will be able to increase her income and support herself and her family.


2019 180 Bahati425 USD financed in January 2019


Bahati is a mother of two who is running her business in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She is an owner of a grocery store which has been profitable so far. Because of that, Bahati’s is able to support her family and let her kids to school. Now she is requesting for a $425 loan to replenish the store inventory so she could keep on selling local food to her customers.


2019 179 Sabahat750 USD financed in January 2019


Sabahat is a 22-year-old woman who works as a teacher and lives in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. She started running a school established by her family many years ago. Now, there are 234 students enrolled and 44% of them are female students. The aim of the school is helping them gain not only academical knowledge but some discipline as well. Since the school is expanding Sabahat notices a lack of furniture and that is a reason why she requested $750 to purchase furniture for her students.


2018 178 Rose250 USD financed in June 2018


Rose is a 28 years old married woman and mother of three. She runs a green grocery store and another retail store in Matuu, Kenya. She is requesting for the $250 loan to replenish the stock for both stores. Rose hopes that her business will become profitable so she could use the profit to pay the school fees of her children.


2018 177 Doreen300 USD financed in June 2018


Doreen is a polite, devoted, responsible, and hardworking businesswoman who lives in Bungoma, Kenya. She is 41 years old and works entirely on her farm. Doreen enjoys not only the increased profits but also the independence that comes along with farming. Doreen owns a very healthy dairy cow that she milks, and she sells the milk in a local dairy shop. She has also been growing different varieties of crops such as maize, bananas, and a few vegetables, both for subsistence and for commercial purposes. Although she loves farming, she struggles when it comes to paying for the education requirements of her children. For this reason, she is requesting for the $300 loan to expand her business.

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